Meeting Minutes

Minutes, October, 2008


Present: Tom Cashman, Katie Fergusion, Monica and John Mckinlay, Johnny Gailey, Norma and June Carylon, Greg , Alan Dewar from Leith Permaculture.
Previous Minutes were agreed. It was also agreed that, to cut down admin, Minutes would simply be shown on the board, copies available on request.
Alan Dewar of Leith Permaculture had kindly come along to let us know the plans for their two plots. He indicated that the idea was to have the plots as a social space that would be the focus of some courses run through ACE. The general plan had been shown on the notice board and included plans for a Round House, pond and some raised beds. Plan was flexible and could incorporate ideas from allotment holders, for example, site orchard or some sort of social space. Leith group had not progressed their grant application yet. Alan felt that other than the new structures, in general the look of the two plots would be much as it is just now. Alan was thanked for coming along to our meeting – and giving a hand with the track clearing! He will come along to our next meeting, meantime if any plot holders have any thoughts or ideas on this issue please let us know.

Ian Woolard had visited the site on 18 September and with John Mckinlay had looked around all plots. Items of interest included ;-issue of letters offering half plots to plot holders who were struggling with the upkeep of a full plot, sympathetic consideration was given due to the exceptionally wet August; new keys for 2010; path spraying; drainage for the two very bottom plots; tree work around the fence perimeter; free compost bins (let me know if you want one) ; third bucket to be returned (this has now been done).
There is a list for anyone wanting manure. Norma Carylon has contacted Riding for the Disabled and they will supply and deliver 100 bags for 60pounds. Greg is pursuing another supplier (Police Horse Stables)
Anyone interested add their name and number to the list on the board.

Johnny Gailey has been investigating grant opportunities and said that now we have a properly constituted Committee we should qualify for a 50 pound grant per plot for water buts from the Council, these would be available in February. Also B&Q have grants of 500 pounds per site for the supply of equipment. John Mckinlay is to contact Brian Sandell at Midmar Allotments for further grant possibilities.

The Autumn Project was well supported considering the weather and an excellent start was made. Anyone who feels the inclination can continue the good work by spending half an hour or so doing the bit at their own plot. Once the track is clear it only take a few minutes every so often to keep it that way without the need for sprays or weed killer.
A really big thank you was extended to the twelve people who helped on the day and all who have helped since.

Next Meeting is Saturday 1 November at 11 am at the Notice Board.
Remember any plot holder can come along and will be welcome.
There being no other business the meeting closed.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes, September, 2008

Minutes of Meeting held 3 September 2008 at Craigentinny Allotments.
Present: Tom Cashman, Katie Ferguson, John and Monica McKinlay, Norma Carlyon, Johnny Gailey, Helen Gestwick, Richard Cross and John Maule.
Item 1: Election of Office bearers
Chairman: Tom Cashman
Secretary: Monica Mckinlay
Treasurer: Katie Ferguson
We had decided that in order to be as inclusive as possible the Committee would consist of those plot holders who had attended at least one of our three meetings so in addition to the above, other than the Office Bearers, Joan MacLellan, Joan Anderson, Ernest Curtis and Norma Carlyon would complete the Committee.
Item 2: Diary for meetings
We decided to meet monthly on the first Saturday of each month at 11 o’clock at the site. All plot holders are very welcome at the meetings.
Item 3: Autumn Project
The project will be to clear the access track. This will take place at the time of the next meeting, 3 October at 11am. Anyone who wants to help should just come along. Even half an hour of your time will make a huge difference.
Item 4: Suggestions for Site Improvements
There had been no suggestions outwith the meeting. However there was a wide ranging discussion of various current topics of interest. These included the following;
Acquisition of water butts – Johnny Gailey kindly offered to look into this.
Removal of problem trees if plot holders required- it was thought the Council would need to do this.
Composting- a fair amount of composting material finds its way into the bins. The site at Leith Links and Midmar had received a grant for on site composting facilities. We also decided to approach Mr Woolard to see if any garden compost bins could be provided. Material from plots can easily produce good quality compost at no cost and little effort.
Manure- In times past the site had made effort to jointly order manure. Various plot holders had organised this. We wanted to assess if there was an interest for this. I have attached a sheet and if anyone wants manure please append your names. If anyone has a source kindly call me on 661 4373.
Leith Permaculture Plots – There was a general discussion of these and concern was expressed about the state of the plots and access. As we wanted to get a bit more information it was decided to contact Ian Woolard for more details. We discussed what we might do with the plots if they came back within the let of the site. There were a few thoughts on use including a kind of common area for general use this included a suggestion to coppice the area or perhaps a community orchard as trees would help dry the area.

There being no other business the meeting closed.
Date of next meeting is first Saturday in October, the 3rd, at 11 o’clock which will also be the project day.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes, August 2008

Present: John and Monica McKinlay, John Roberts, Helen Gestwick, Alistair, Joan Anderson, Ernie Curtis, Rod, John Maule, and Norma Carylon .
1. July minutes were agreed.
2. Thanks to George Brown for strimming the community plot, Katie for cleaning out the toilet when it was flooded. Ian Woolard aware of necessary repair.
3. The break- in was discussed. The fence had been cut in two places, the clubhouse windows broken, the pond liner damaged and about a dozen sheds broken into. Nothing was taken. The police investigated and will alert the Community Police team and local householders. The council had made a temporary repair to the fence and John will contact Ian Woolard on his return from holiday to ensure a permanent repair to the fence and see if he has any contacts at Forestcraft who could help with the replacement windows. John Maule left a Tool Station catalogue in the shed for anyone who might want to replace or upgrade their locks etc.
4. The BBQ had gone very well and everyone had enjoyed it. A special thanks to John Robertson for his homemade refreshments. On the day we had successfully lined the pond but the break-in has set us back. Ernie volunteered to tidy up the pond and repair the liner. Helen will price and source gravel etc.
5. We do not have contact numbers for all the plot holders so were unable to let everyone know about the break-in so we discussed the possibility of a website and Helen will look into adding us to her web server. John said he would ask for contact numbers of those who might want to be contacted by phone in such an instance in future.
6. Manure- it’s that time of year again and we will put up a notice asking for names of those interested. Norma volunteered to be the contact point again this year.
7. The Competitions will be judged on Ian’s return from holiday and winners will be contacted before the end of August- see notice boards.
8. FEDEGA Vegetable Show- again info on the notice board. John said that he was going to enter and that we could enter vegetables as a site so he would organize that if anyone was interested. Schedules in the clubhouse.
9. AOB
As each shed broken-into is a separate incident report, each plot holder concerned would have to report their own beak-in. If you wish to do so you will need to quote the incident number given to cover the fence and the clubhouse which is No 473 of 29 July. However, this is probably not worth your hassle and no one should feel obliged to do so.