Meeting Minutes

Minutes, November, 2009

Present: John and Monica McKinlay , Rod, George, Norma Carlyon, John Maule and Ernie Curtis.
Apologies: Katie Ferguson, Tom Cashman and Joan Anderson.
1. Thanks:
As usual there were many people to thank. All those who helped with the work on the community day, the plot and pond are looking good. Joan and Ernie for their work on the pond, Katie and Tom for supplying the pebbles for the pond, Helen and Richard for setting up the web site and George Brown for continuing to strim the plot.
2 Break-in:
Another one, if you have been affected you can report it by e-mail or phone – see notice. The fence does not seem to have been breached this time and the replacement section of fence has been put in place.
3 Recycling Bay:
Please only place in the bay items of reasonably usable quality, it is getting full of bits and pieces that are well passed their sell by date.
4 Draft Constitution:
The main discussion of the meeting centered on this. John pointed out that the idea of having a Constitution was so that we could get grants, but he was conscious of the fact that the majority of plotholders had no interest in having a Constitution. Having said that, there was a significant minority who seemed to be interested. To test this interest John asked those present to indicate if they continued to support the setting up of a Constitution and the support was unanimous. That said, what we have at the moment is still only a proposed draft. This will remain the case in the meantime. Copies of the draft are still available by e-mailing or by request to John or Monica 661 4373 and there is still a copy in the Clubhouse. Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
I was asked by plotholders at the meeting to confirm that nothing in the draft constitution changes a plotholder’s conditions of tenancy. This is the case and all tenancy issues will remain a matter between the plotholder and the Council, in the person of the Allotment Officer. In particular the application of the termination of tenancy procedures. Personally I am very glad that this is the case, as with 140 plus people waiting for plots on our site, it is perhaps inevitable that Ian may have to apply the conditions and procedures less sympathetically in the future as he has in the past.
The draft proposals would be open for discussion into next year. In the early spring interested plotholders would call for a Special General Meeting to adopt the draft Constitution and appoint our first committee. At least 3 weeks notice of this meeting would be given.
Our next meeting will be the first Saturday in February 2010.