Meeting Minutes

July Minutes

MINUTES – July 2010
Present; John and Monica McKinlay, Rod, , George, John Roberts, Joan, Norma and Helen.
Apologies: Tom Cashman, Katie Ferguson, John Maule

  1. It was agreed that the date of the next BBQ would be Sunday, 15th August and would be on the same basis as before.
  2. John has agreed to be in touch with Ian Woolard on all outstanding issues including the lock for the shed. He will also find out if he can supply us with any more compost bins.
  3. There was a discussion on the toxic manure and information is available from the noticeboard, the clubhouse, FEDAGA website and our own website for those affected.
  4. We are arranging a pick up of any remaining unused bags, please let us know how many bags you have to be returned.
  5. A reminder that there are two Site competitions this year. A children’s tallest Sun Flower, seeds from Monica and anyone’s best picture taken within the precincts of our site. Fruit, flower, weed, sun rise/set or anything that makes an interesting picture. This should provide some nice pictures for our web site.
  6. …and finally, a reminder that I am trying to put together an entry for the September flower show on behalf of the whole site. The theme would be Costa Craigentinny so I would be looking for exotic looking vegetables. Anyone interested give me a shout.

Next meeting will be at the BBQ!!!