Allotment Update

Craigentinny Plot holders Meeting – Next Meeting Saturday 8th September at 11am

Minutes from the last meeting below:

Craigentinny Plot-holders’ Meeting
Saturday 14th July 2012

Tom (chair), John M, Norma, Monica, John Mc., Ernie, Joan, Rod, George (Minutes)

1. Chair. Agreed Tom would chair the meeting.
2. Matters arising from the last minutes.
A) Path spraying. Had not been done because of the weather.
B) Toilet Roof. Toilet still very damp inside. Tom had sealed around the ventilator and John M. will seal around the concrete at the bottom.
C) Main path. Needs resurfacing. This was identified as one of our priorities. George will emphasise this when he sends Ian W. the minutes.
D) Strimmer. Petrol now supplied and new line purchased. Thanks to Alec and John M.
3. Scaffolding Planks. John Mc. has collected £13 so far. Plot-holders who have taken planks and not yet paid are reminded to pay 50p. per plank.
4. BBQ. Agreed this would take place on 4 August. Monica will put up a notice.
5. A.O.B
A) The lawn mower. On occasions it is not being cleaned after use. Norma will put a reminder on the machine.
B) The weather. We had a general moan about the weather and expressed concern about plots that were flooded.
C) Leaky tap. Norma reported that a tap on the stand-pipe near her plot was leaking. Rod offered to try and fix it.
6. Date of next meeting – Sat 11th August. George gave his apologies. Monica agreed to take the minutes.

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