Allotment Update


I love October, it’s light and cool enough to work, and provided it’s not too wet it’s a great time to improve the soil and finish off all those DIY jobs. I love it when the beds have been cleared and I can start planning the next years planting. Make sure you cover any unused beds, either with some green manure or black fabric/plastic.
Remember that the water will be shut off during the winter, and well into spring. If you can’t get a water butt set up, use a large pot covered with some fine mesh to keep it clean, so you’ll have some water for tender spring plants in the greenhouse.
Rhubarb doesn’t need much attention, but a little TLC now is well rewarded. Divide any congested clumps, clear all the dead leaves and mulch the crowns. Don’t use nutrient rich compost, as you’ll encourage flowering, but some bark will keep in warm and tidy.
Plant Garlic and overwintering onion sets
Remove the bottom leaves from your brassicas and make sure your Brussels sprouts are staked.