Allotment Update

Seasonal Tips – Seaweed

With autumn here and the odd storm why not visit the beach and boost the fertility of the soil on your plot. How so? Autumn and winter is a great time to collect some seaweed from the beach. Scottish farmers have been using seaweed for centuries as a free fertilizer. It is full of the nutrients and trace elements that are so important for strong plant growth.
Of course its not really possible to collect enough to make a huge contribution to your manuring regime, but small amounts used wisely can hit the spot so to speak. A mulch on the asparagus bed will really help those spears come spring time. Also seaweed is a fantastic activator in the compost heap helping that whole mystical process speed right up.
So with Porty Beach being so near pay it a visit some fine winters day and get yourself some fine fertilizer.
John McKinlay
PS Make sure you only take the dead seaweed left after a storm, and check the rules of different beaches before you take anything