Allotment Update


FEDAGA has negotiated a discount on compost from Forth Resource Management, with free delivery to Edinburgh sites.
Peter Wright, who represents FEDAGA on the Council’s Strategy Steering Group, writes:

The Strategy Steering Group had a very interesting visit to Forth ResourceManagement to look at their composting system and view the various products. Sorry for the delay in this report
Visit organised by the CEC Allotments Officer.
Basically all the brown bin contents are sorted to remove plastics/metals (why do people put this stuff in??). It is rough shredded and piled into windrows 5m high x 30m long and left to compost. On the rainy day we were there the windrows were steaming from the heat generated within.
The windrows are turned and after about 8 weeks the compost is sifted and depending on end product further shredding and mixing with top soil.

FRM have various products see their website at

The product we were interested in is 10mm green compost, it comes in builders bags about 0.9 cu.m. It looked a good soil improver and equal to any home made compost. At £35 per bag. This is equal to about 15 x 60litre bags

We negotiated a price of £25 per bag if two or more bags are ordered per site with free delivery to the allotment site making the order.

Telephone No of FRM is 0131 339 5554
Contact John Donaldson Project Manager.