Allotment Update

May 2013 – Craigentinny Plot-holders’ Meeting

Saturday 11 May 2013
Tom (Chair), Alex, John Mc., Susan, Norma, Katie, Keith, Neil, Joan P., Ian, Katy, George (Minutes)

1. Matters arising from the last minutes.
A) Water Supply. This had now been fixed.
B) Bin Uplift. Bins now being uplifted every week. Agreed to remind plotholders not to overfill the bin as it will then not be uplifted. George will put up notice.
2. Woodchip complaint. A neighbour had complained about the woodchip pile in the car park. The Council had been informed and had inspected. Agreed we would encourage plotholders to take as much as quickly as possible.
3. Date for the BBQ. Agreed to hold the next BBQ on Saturday 10 August
4. Removal of Trees. John reported that this had been raised at a FEDEGA meeting at which Ian Woolard had been present. Ian said that trees would be removed by the end of the month. The trees would be chipped on the spot. Agreed that we would like some logs for the Communal Plot to provide wildlife habitat and maybe a site for mushroom spores.
5. Thefts. A hose had been stolen from one of the plots. Agreed it was important to report all thefts to this committee.
6. Compost deliveries. John Mc offered to store empty bags in his small shed. We can use them to get money off our next delivery.
7. Maintenance of the Communal Plot. Agreed on a “High Five” approach. Plotholders asked to give five minutes of their time to help with jobs needing done.
Jobs include
Grass cutting – strimmer available in toilet block
Painting toilet block
Tidying, weeding beds
Putting woodchip on path
Agreed George would put up notice
8. Date of next meeting. Saturday June 8, 2013 at 11.00

NOTICE TO ALL PLOT-HOLDERS If you haven’t been sent a copy of these minutes & would like a regular copy in future, then please email me at