Allotment Update

Craigentinny Plot-holders’ Meeting – Saturday 10th May 2014

At the meeting: Rod, John, Tom, Ian, Katy, Joan A, Mike, Elspeth.

Matters Arising

a)      Toilet – noted that that the matter had been referred to Ian Woolard (see minutes of April meeting) and that George had followed up by email. Since it was currently a very busy time of year for plot-holders, it was agreed that, if there was a negative response, the matter of how to take it forward would be reconsidered in the light of plot-holder demand. Plot-holders are asked to email an indication of whether they wish to see this progressed quickly, or not; and, if so, whether they are prepared to assist with maintenance and cleaning. Item to remain on the agenda for the next meeting.

b)      Railways sleepers – Item to be carried forward to the next meeting.

c)      Rubbish in the car-park – John has spoken with IW who advises that it is likely to be a matter for the City of Edinburgh Council; IW following up with CEC for clear-up.

d)     Lamp post in the car-park – progress reported (in the shape of the observation by a sharp-eyed plot-holder of some measurement activity).

  1. Beehives

John undertook to check up on the current regulations regarding bee-hives on local authority sites: eg the need for someone to have the appropriate bee-keeping qualification, and the need to seek the appropriate level of agreement from plot-holders on site. Tom has held the necessary qualification and is prepared both to up-date that (if necessary) and also to host the hives on his own plot. Discussions to continue in the light of a further report from John.

  1. Replacement Bin

Joan A has emailed IW re the replacement bin key.

  1. AOB A) Communal plot – Joan and Ernie have carried out both a grass-cutting and a strimming exercise. Joan appealed for others to continue to cut the short grass areas when they need it; regular cutting by many will reduce the load on everyone and also make the cutting process easier. Discussion of weed eradication in the flower-bed. John has agreed to spray it, after removing some plants for safe-keeping. Rod will have a look at the generator to diagnose its ailment and Ian volunteered to bring in a spark-plug to see if it fits.

B) Compost bags – several of these remain. John recommended their use as carrot-planters or composters, and Tom had used one with great success for courgettes! Bags remain in the hut for another week; plot-holders please use or lose. C) Seed potatoes and onions – some spares have been donated by John. Anyone interested should help themselves (also from the hut).

  1. Date of next meeting – Saturday 14 June 2014.

Thanks to Elspeth for taking the minutes