Allotment Update

And the winter goes on for ever………….

How frustrating is this poor weather?
Just when we were all geared up to get started, plant some early tatties, sow some beans or salad leaves under cover, the snow is back!
Don’t let it put you off there are lots of things you could be doing to move things along.
If you are lucky enough to have a shed or greenhouse you will have a multitude of things to do and shelter from the weather at the same time. Here is an article from the Fedaga Newsletter that you could say was appropriate for our current spell of bad weather……………..

Winter defeated Napoleon but it can be your ally.
I derive terrific enjoyment from allotmenting but part of me looks forward to winter – when I’m not driven by the demands of the plot. However, if you don’t see your plot from November to March you are missing the great opportunity that General Winter provides as growth begins to slow. So, as you plan for the growing season why not draw up a plan of campaign for winter?
It’s a two pronged campaign- firstly, when the elements allow working the soil and secondly, when frost or wet mean that working outside is impracticable. The first category would start with preparing the ground for next year. This would include digging in manure in Plot A of your rotation. I leave this till late winter to prevent the goodness leaching away. Tackle any over-grown patches as clearing them now will be easier than when the couch grass and dockens are in full growth in summer. Or just cover it with old carpet so the weeds are suppressed until you have time to tackle it. Paths too can be a productive area for operations. They will have become a bit fuzzy over the summer and a general clean up, weed or edging of these can make the plot look much more cared for. New paths, especially along the perimeter of your plot, give access and provide a barrier against encroaching weeds. John Lord on 07968865826 will provide free wood chippings from his tree doctoring business. Why not take advantage and improve your plot for free!
Rainy days are perfect for cleaning the shed or greenhouse..….and talking about rain why not set up a water butt with guttering and pipe. It will be full by spring and will save you queuing at the stand pipe in the summer.
Now would be a good time to build raised beds, the soil in the bed will dry out and warm up quicker giving early spring sowings of salads and spinach a flying start.
So come on!
Make an alliance with General Winter, not only will it save you time when the growing season gets underway but a regular hour or so in the fresh air will be a healthy antidote to the winter blues. Who knows, this winter I may even join you!……………………..
and if you are fixing paths, remember there are slabs at the gate for free!