Meeting Minutes

Minutes- April 2010

MINUTES -April 2010
Present; John and Monica McKinlay, Tom Cashman, Katie Ferguson, Ernie and Joan, Rod, Joan, John Maule, George, John Roberts.

  1. Ian Woolard has been informed that locks on the Clubhouse and Toilets need to be changed.
  2. Despite urgings the leaking toilet roof and consequential jamming toilet door has still not been attended to.
  3. Plots 40/41 which had been flooded are drying out – there is still a suspicion that the drainage work carried out by Edinburgh Leisure is directing water to these plots. Ian Woolard is talking once again about digging a ditch outside the boundary fence. Individual plot holders should follow this up.
  4. The new bin arrangement is in place. I have suggested that a skip twice a year might be appropriate but his has not been met favourably by Ian Woolard and he has arranged an emergency uplift of the bucket and uplifts should now be regularly carried out on a Wednesday. To facilitate this I have agreed to put the bin out on a Tuesday night for the next few weeks.
  5. All vacant plots have now been tenanted.
  6. Free slabs still available at Portobello –  see web site.
  7. A site map is now on the Notice Board please add your name if you wish. Thank you.
  8. Following the success of our B-B-Q last year we are holding another one on Saturday 15 May, same style as last year, an hour light community work then bring your own food and drink. We have now argreed to go ahead with this and the details will be worked out at the next meeting.

Next Meeting, Saturday 1st May at 11 am.